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We Are A Team Of Professional Solar Installers

ELEKTRIQ Solar Company specializes in the design, installation, and maintenance of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial properties.

With a team of experienced professionals, we offer personalized solutions that cater to our clients’ unique energy needs and budget requirements.

Our services include site analysis, system design, and engineering, equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance.

We work with the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure the highest quality outcomes.


Available For All Your Solar Energy Needs.

We supply market leading Inverters, lithium Batteries, Solar Panels and Solar components.

We offer installations to residential, commercial or industrial clients offering excellent workmanship on all our systems installed.

We offer bi-yearly and yearly maintenance on our system installed by us. Maintain a system ensure the longevity of the system as well as the warranty will stay valid.

We have partnered with a couple of finance houses to offer finance to our clients for any system purchased from us.

We offer remote support to all our clients who purchase products from us, Including Firmware updates to Inverter and Batteries.